Disneynature’s Born In China

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Film review by Steve Duffy –

Born in China

Disneynature’s Born in China follows the stories of three animal families. A doting panda bear mother guides her growing baby as she begins to explore and seek independence. A two-year-old golden monkey who feels displaced by his new baby sister joins up with a group of free-spirited outcasts. And a mother snow leopard–an elusive animal rarely caught on camera–faces the very real drama of raising her two cubs in one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on the planet. Featuring stunning, never-before-seen imagery, the film navigates China’s vast terrain–from the frigid mountains to the heart of the bamboo forest–on the wings of red-crowned cranes, seamlessly tying the extraordinary tales together.

I never tired of watching animals in their natural habitat.  This fascinating and beautifully shot docu-film is narrated by John Krasinki. The cinematography of China is both gorgeous and breathtaking.

You will be amazed at how the film captures the priorities and behaviors of these animals and makes their everyday life exciting.

This film is also perfect for younger children, because there are no close-ups of the predators capturing their prey.

Born In China doesn’t offer anything new. It is pretty much the same as it last nine films, but still fun to watch.

Rating:  G

Runtime: 79 minutes

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