Special Mother’s Day Treats by Little Green House Bakes

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You can order from-scratch pastries now at www.littlegreenhousebakes.com

A special treat just for Mother’s Day!!

Little Green House Bakes has created the perfect treat for Mother’s Day, a cake for a brunch or a light dessert after a Mother’s Day meal.

The cake is home-made with just the right amount of firmness offering a light treat, without weighing you down. The filling is a creamy marshmallow with just a perfect blend of sweetness, and it’s topped with all the yummy goodness of spring and summer.

Let the Little Green House help you make your Mother’s Day special.

Give us a call at (339) 440-6946, message us on facebook, visit littlegreenhousebakes.com or respond in the comment section of Lynn Happens. We will be taking orders on this Mother’s Day cake through May 11th.

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