5 Questions: Daniel O’Donnell

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

One of Ireland’s best loved artists, Daniel O’Donnell has announced that he will be returning to tour in the USA. The tour will see the record breaking chart singer play a more extensive concert tour than he did in October 2016, when he performed in venues in the Mid-East of the USA to packed houses of ardent fans.

SD: You have been in show business for over 30 years, what do you contribute to your longevity?

DO: When I started my singing career, it was because I just loved to sing. It’s still the same today 36 years on. I hope my love for what I do comes across and maybe that has something to do with how my career has lasted so long. I also think the mix of music that I enjoy to sing seems to appeal to a lot of people, so that I’m sure has contributed also.

SD: I read that your music is described as a mix of country and Irish folk. How did you decide that was going to be your sound?

DO: From the beginning, I just chose songs that I loved and recorded them, be they covers of old songs or original material. The sound evolved through the years. I’ve also been lucky to have been always surrounded by wonderful musicians and singers who complement what I do.

SD: Over the last several years, there has been great success for Irish artists in America. Why do you think there has been an upswing in popularity?

DO: I think going back as far as The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, there has always been a great affection for Irish performers. I think Riverdance brought great attention to all things Irish. I suppose if the music is good and people get to hear it, the popularity will follow. 

SD: Since 1984, you have released over 50 albums. Where does all that music stem from?

DO: s I said already I sing songs that I love. I’ve never restricted myself to just recording original material. I love the old songs and because of this, there is a never ending catalogue to choose from.

SD: What can fans expect to see / hear at your concert?

DO: We’ll sing country songs, Irish ballads, inspirational songs, and a bit of rock n roll for good measure. I always include songs that span my career from the very beginning until the present day. When I go to see singers that I admire, I want to hear the songs that they are known for and I try to do the same in my shows.

For more information about Daniel, visit www.danielodonnell.org. To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Boch Wang Theatre on May 16th visit www.bochcenter.org

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