5 Questions: QUIÑ

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy – 

Emerging artist QUIÑ recently performed at SXSW Fader Fort and earlier this year debuted her video for “MATH.” The soft spoken singer with power pipes is creating her own sound on her own terms. 

SD: When did you realize you had the talent to sing?

Q: I always knew I could sing. I would sing with my mom in church choir and I sang with my high school choir. As I got older, I realized that I had to do something about it. I made a bet with myself to make a career out of my singing and songwriting.

SD: You describe your sound as Fantasy Soul. Can you describe it?

Q: I never wanted to be placed in one musical box. The fantasy of my music comes from the universe where I live and the soul part is because the songs and music I write come from the depths of my soul. I love that as an artist I can spread my wings musically and fly wherever I want. My sound has no rules.

SD: Has your Latin roots played a role in your music career?

Q:  It really hasn’t. My dad is Puerto Rican and mom is Mexican. I don’t even know if I am from this planet [she laughs]. I am still figuring it out as I go. I just know that I love to sing. 

SD: Who would be your ideal duet partner?

Q: I have no one specific in mind. I love working with artists who have the same passion as me. I love singing with my friends.

SD: What can fans expect to see / hear at your show?

Q: I will be performing songs from my EP Galatrica along with some new stuff from my current project.  I am trying to create a bigger story with these two albums.  I hope that everyone who shows up has a great time and enjoys the music.


For more information about QUIÑ, visit www.thequincat.com. To purchase tickets to see her perform at the Brighton Music Hall on May 27th visit www.musichallbrighton.com

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