Little Green House Bakes – It’s What’s Inside that Counts

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It was asked why we, at Little Green House Bakes don’t package our baked goods in fancy boxes. I was told that our goods would be more appealing and more people would want to buy from us.

The answer is simple; If we packaged in fancier boxes then we would have to raise our prices. Besides, in most cases people tend not to eat the boxes; they just get tossed into the recycle bin.

I am a simple person who likes simple things. The Little Green House Bakes is founded on the same simple idea. We are a company that is laced with integrity and simplicity.

We use high quality ingredients, a simple menu and simple prices. We offer some of the same baked goods that sat on your grandmothers counter way back when. Every single baked good is made from scratch and made to order. Nothing is frozen, made from a boxed mix, or made in bulk.

We are a small licensed residential baking business in Lynn with a goal of one day opening a store front. We want to give back to Lynn. We want to offer a place where our seniors can come for a home-made treat and a cup of coffee or tea and socialize. We want to offer a place where a family on a tight budget can come for something yummy without breaking the bank, a place where a child can bring in an “A” test paper and get a snack and a drink for free.

It’s all very simple; community is very important to us, and that’s our dream, to build community within our neighborhood.

Besides, when you get a white bakery box tied with string and filled with home-made goodness doesn’t it bring you back. Even just for a moment, to a time when things were a little simpler?

Give us a call at (339) 440-6946, message us on facebook, visit

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