Motorcycle Stolen from Lynn Veteran

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The Suzuki DRZ-400SM was stolen Monday. If spotted, please contact the Lynn Police or contact the owner via the Craigslist Posting with last known location.

“My husband Jeff is a veteran of the United States Navy. His oldest of three daughters was born the day before 9/11 and he didn’t come back until she was walking. He served for 8 years. He has PTSD, arthritis, back problems, leg problems, hearing issues, and even fought paralysis into walking again. However, this past Monday someone decided to steal his motorcycle he has been working on for months to get into condition to enjoy this summer. This is his only real joy in life besides his children. He was supposed to travel with my brother to ride on a weeklong trip on Friday which he has now cancelled. We would love help in figuring out who would do this. There are multiple ways to know our house is that of a veteran including bypassing our family car touting the ship he served on (USS Denver) as well as his machinist mate status on the windows. I am not usually the type of person to ask for help and he would never ask for anything. He is proud and won’t even contact the VA for help with his PTSD like so many other vets. I would just like to find the person who took the bike and have it returned, no questions asked. We can’t afford to by him another one but we can ask for it to be brought back. Please help! I think since he has done so much for the country already this is just such a horrible nasty thing to do on Memorial Day of all days. A day when he should have been resting and remembering those he lost.”

-shared with permission

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