One Hour Workshop Will Teach You How to Compost

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Have some space to compost? Your LynnHappens editor once lived in an apartment building with concrete balconies and no yard.

The green-minded neighbors next door with whom we shared a balcony put out a composter. Thing is, they hadn’t thought their plan all the way through. What were they going to do with the compost?

One day, my room mate accused me of dumping Chinese food in the sink. I went over to check. It looked a little like indiscernible scraps of takeout, but neither of us could claim it. It turns out, the neighbors, having no other idea of what to do with their compost, attempted to put it all down their disposal and it came up our drains. Don’t be like those neighbors. Take the one-hour class. 

The Lynn DPW is now selling Earth Machine Composters for just $25 thanks to funding from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Join Lynn Community Gardens and guest trainer Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Lozzi at the Ames St. Community Garden, 12 Strawberry Ave. (Ames St. Playground) to learn how to compost properly.

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