5 Questions: Mairead Carlin of Celtic Woman

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

To purchase tickets to see Celtic Woman perform at the Lynn Auditorium on June 25th, visit www.lynnauditorium.com

Left to Right: Tara McNeill, Mairéad Carlin, Susan McFadden, Éabha McMahon
photo by Lili Forberg

Mairead has been part of Celtic Woman since 2013. She was born in Derry, in the north of Ireland, and her life has been immersed in music since her early days, coming from a family whose love of song was passed down to her generation.

SD: How did you get involved with the Celtic Woman?

MC: I had always been a big fan! The ladies and the music have always been a big inspiration to me. I signed a record for my first solo album and sadly the record got shelved.  I then started teaching and out of the blue I got a call to sing for a fundraiser for the Ireland America Fund. While there, I was speaking with someone who worked for Celtic Women (unknown to me). I was telling them how I loved and was inspired by the Celtic Women and a few months later I received a call to audition. I am such a believer that things happen for a reason.

SD: With a changing ensemble, how does the group keep the magic alive?

MC: It is amazing! Celtic Women has been going strong for over 12 years now. We all have such different personalities and I believe that is what feeds into the magic of it all. No one is trying to be like anyone else. We represent all women. We show that you can be different and still make your mark on the world. It also helps that we have a “no diva” policy. [She laughs] 

SD:  The new album “Voice of Angels” has some re-arranged version of previous Celtic Woman covers. As a group, how do you make them your own?

MC: It is definitely a process. I am replacing Chloë Agnew. I found that as I was listening to the songs, my ear was gravitating to her sound, so I had to stop and really make it my sound and a part of me. Over the years, Celtic Women recorded some great songs and in this ensemble, we wanted to rediscover them again. I love that the sentiment of Celtic Women songs are the same, but the journey for us is different.

SD: What is it about Celtic Woman that continues to gain worldwide popularity?

MC: I think it is because we represent something that is classy. In this day and age, we are filled with things that are not real. We don’t flaunt ourselves to make our mark. The songs are so emotional and uplifting and people can really relate to us and our sound. 

 SD: What are some of the things audience members can expect from the show?

MC: Definitely some great music and great songs. Our musical director, Gavin Murphy, is amazing. This is a show to be seen and heard. As always, the dresses we wear are so much fun. There is something in it for everyone.


For more information on Mairead and the Celtic Woman, visit www.celticwoman.com. To purchase tickets to see Celtic Woman perform at the Lynn Auditorium on June 25th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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