5 Questions: Kathy St. George

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Stoneham native Kathy St. George is delighted to return to her home Theatre where she has appeared in Mame, Jonah and the Whale, Dear Miss Garland, 42nd Street, Thoroughly Modern Millie and more. 

SD: How would you describe Menopause the Musical?

KSG: It is an experience like none other. Men like it as much as women. It’s about bonding, singing and dancing over “the change.” All of the music is from the 50, 60s and 70s with parodied lyrics. What makes it so great is how women can relate to it. To give you a sense of how popular it is, I know of a woman who is driving from Florida to see it.  

SD: What do you like about your role as Soap Star, and how did you prepare for the role?

KSG: I love playing her. She is struggling with aging and she has a career where it affects her livelihood. Even though she is shallow and obsessed with her looks, she still has heart of gold.

SD: In which ways is Soap Star unlike you?

KSG: She is buxom [she laughs].  I like to think that I am aging gracefully. I don’t feel that I am as obsessive as the soap start. 

SD: Are there any upsides to menopause?

KSG: Oh yes, you don’t get your period anymore! I also think it helps you to kind of lighten up about the little things in life.

SD: The show has been a hit for so long. Why do you think that is?

KSG: For me, it has been such a gift. I have been performing in it off and on since 2004. As we age, we   become part of a community that we all go through it.  Even though it means you’re getting older and that at times can be difficult to handle. Seeing the show brings joys and laughter to a condition that you never talk about. This show brings it out in the open and celebrate it.

For more information about Kathy, visit www.kathystgeorge.com. To purchase tickets to see her perform in Menopause The Musical at the Stoneham Theatre July 6-16 visit www.stonehamtheatre.org

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