New Music in the Square 2017 Starts with Sway

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LynnHappens is back with season 3 of New Music in the Square, this time partnering with White Rose Coffeehouse to bring you live original music – free – on the island in the square – Central Square, Lynn.

We couldn’t do it without support from White Rose Coffeehouse, Red Rock Insurance, Free Wind Travel, Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, Lynn Museum/LynnArts and people like you.

This 1st show of the season starts an hour earlier to dovetail nicely with a Beyond Walls Mural Festival event in Raw Art Works at 6pm. Meet some of the muralists and listen to a talk on the History of American Graffiti following the concert, then go across the street to White Rose Coffeehouse to hang out with us! There will also be time to check out the art opening at Lynn Museum, “The Vision Place of Souls,” featuring Jeff Fioravanti, as it’s right around the corner and runs 6pm to 8pm. Do it all and we’ll give you a shout-out.

About Sway –

“Music has always been the most important part of my life. Ever since I was young, music, especially hip hop, has connected with me in a way no other person or art form could. I always loved getting lost in music and prided myself on knowing everything about my favorite songs, memorizing every word in every verse and knowing every note struck by each instrument. Growing up with a father who loved classic rock, I gained a strong appreciation for ripping guitar licks, poetic lyrics, and music with a powerful sound and oftentimes an even more powerful message.” 

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