Beyond Walls Photo Dump 7-18-17

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Here’s photos of Beyond Walls Mural Festival progress as of yesterday. The first set below were taken with an antique Leica 90mm lens adapted to a modern digital camera – with flaws in the old lens coating and all – for a bit of a different look.

Be sure to check out Sway at LynnHappens / White Rose Coffeehouse New Music in the Square on the Central Square island at 5pm today, followed by –

Wednesday, July 19, 6pm
History of American Graffiti Discussion
Raw Art Works
37 Central Square
Join us across the street at the White Rose Coffeehouse for cocktails after the discussion.

There will also be time to check out the art opening at Lynn Museum, “The Vision Place of Souls,” featuring Jeff Fioravanti, as it’s right around the corner and runs 6pm to 8pm. Do it all and we’ll give you a shout-out.

Photos after this poster –

…and now for the phone shots

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