5 Questions: George Thorogood

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George Thorogood is at the Lynn Auditoirum tonight

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

His “high-energy boogie-blues” sound become a staple of 1980s rock radio, with hits like his original songs “Bad to the Bone” and “I Drink Alone”.

With his band, the Delaware Destroyers, he has released over 20 albums, of which two have been certified Platinum and six have been certified Gold. He has sold 15 million albums worldwide.

He’s coming out with a new solo album “Party of One” (his first) on Rounder Records on August 4.

SD: What motivates you to still perform after 40 years?

GT: The fear of failure, it’s a big motivator for me. I wake up every day and feel so lucky that I am still getting paid to do this. I have to pinch myself and make sure this is still real. Honestly, I can’t believe that people still dig me!

SD: What do you think of the music business today? How has it changed for you, better or worse?

GT: I don’t really pay attention what is going on. I stay focused on my work and mind my own business.

SD: If you were starting your career over today, what would you do differently?

GT: No! Music and the way it is made is totally different now. The process has changed and not for the better.

SD: Did you choose the blues genre or did it choose you?

GT: The genre and music chooses you. It tells you what you can do. I like a variety of music, but if you can’t hit like Ted Williams than you bunt. I pursued the things I knew what I could play well. I have always been realistic about my talents and limitations.  

SD: What can fans look forward to at your upcoming show?

GT: We will do our best to make sure everybody is happy and having a great time. Rock & Roll never sleeps, it just passes out.


For more information on George, visit www.georgethorogood.com.  To purchase tickets to see them perform at the Lynn Auditorium on July 26th visit www.lynnauditorium

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