Atomic Blonde

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Film review by Steve Duffy –

Atomic Blonde is based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel, The Coldest City. A high-stakes, global, action-thriller, it takes place in the city of Berlin, on the eve of the Wall’s collapse and the shifting of superpower alliances. Charlize Theron portrays Lorraine Broughton, a top-level spy for MI6, who is dispatched to Berlin to take down a ruthless espionage ring that has just killed an undercover agent for reasons unknown. She is ordered to cooperate with Berlin station chief David Percival (James McAvoy), and the two form an uneasy alliance, unleashing their full arsenal of skills in pursuing a threat that jeopardizes the West’s entire intelligence operation.

Theron is just not another pretty face, she is fierce and a force to be reckon with. She proves that she can match any male action film star out there. A few of her fight scenes drag a bit, but she definitely nails the choreography. 

McAvoy is great as an over-the-top spy who never takes his role too seriously. 

John Goodman and Tobey Jones are good even though their characters don’t do much.

The soundtrack is jam-packed with awesomeness! It is full of 80s hits that you will love. Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”, George Michael’s “Father Figure”, Nena’s “99 Luftballons”, ‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry.”

The plot may be old with the normal twist and turns, but the action is stellar. The story may fall short, but you will still have a good time as you watch Theron untangle the web of intrigue in the world of spies.


Rating: R for sequences of strong violence, language throughout, and some sexuality/nudity

Runtime: 115 min

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