Little Green House Bakes asks, “What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in Lynn?”

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A message from LIttle Green House Bakes –

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in Lynn, Massachusetts? How do you take an idea and turn it into reality? For Little Green House Bakes it meant many different things. We started it as a way to make a few dollars and thought that would be the end of it. Once we realized that that indeed it was not the end of it, we utilized the resources that were available.

First, it was the business plan. SCORE In Lynn has a program that can help with that. There are business people available to mentor and offer advice for free. There is the SBA Small Business Association that offers classes in Salem for free. There is a group called EforALL that offers a pitch contest and if they think that you have a good idea will offer an extensive training program to help build your business; this again is free.

Then there is the entrepreneur. You can have all of the support from the city but, if you don’t have the deep in your heart passion or the drive then your business will fail. The Little Green House has the passion and drive. We are a residential baker, we love to bake, Remember those past few weeks when it was 95 degrees and 70% humidity and no AC we baked every single day. We bake for the public and we bake for other small businesses.  As a serious small business we do every single thing that we need to do to make our business succeed. At the Little Green House there is no pay check at the end of the week and inventory is purchased with our own money. Every cent we make is being saved so we can soon lease a store front. Our goal is to pay one years rent up front so as soon as we open we can start saving for the next years rent. Lynn banks offer small business loans but we want to do it old school, save for what we want and not put ourselves into debt.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in Lynn, Massachusetts? For Little Green House Bakes it means offering home-made, made from scratch, made to order traditional, vegan and gluten free pies, cookies, whoopee pies, breakfast cakes and breads. It means a genuine caring for our customers. It means high quality food for a reasonable price. It also means being patient and working toward our goal of opening a store front to serve the people in our neighborhood. To give our seniors a place to go and get a coffee and fresh baked goods for a good price. It means giving the opportunity for family a treat without breaking the bank, and it means giving a sense of community back to our neighborhood. It means believing in ourselves and loving our city.

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Additonal resources

*EDIC Lynn also offers assistance and low interest loan programs.
*The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce offers memberships, support and networking opportunities.
*The North Shore Latino Business Association based in downtown Lynn, offers memberships, support and networking opportunities.

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