5 Questions: Ann Wilson

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To purchase tickets to see Ann Wilson perform at the Lynn Auditorium on August 13th, visit www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Photo credit: Jess Griffin

As a songwriter and lyricist, Ann has created a truly impressive body of work (“Crazy on You,” “Barracuda,” “Magic Man,” “Dog & Butterfly,” “Straight On”, “Even it Up,” “Mistral Wind,” and many, many more). However, her greatest gift, and first “calling” is singing. Her voice is considered to be among the best ever, with its vast range, amazing power and sheer musicality. It has inspired legions of great singers, across every genre of music.

SD: When you started your career, how was the decision made to sing rock ‘n’ roll and not another genre?

AW: I have always loved rock ‘n’ roll. As a kid, it was all that I listened too. I have sang other music genres, but it is rock’n’ roll that makes me feel at home. Rock is my greatest love and the most natural for me to sing.

SD:  When you started there probably weren’t a lot of women rock stars around then, who influenced your style?

AW: I was most influenced by Mick Jagger, Elton John, and Judy Garland. I love musicians who are great storytellers and great singers.

SD: What inspired your new solo tour?

AW: I reached the point in my career where I wanted to do something new and different. I needed to challenge myself professionally and musically.  This tour is small, but it is going to be great. I am very excited about it.

SD: Did getting inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame add any additional pressure to you as you were preparing for this solo tour?

AW: The only pressure I feel is to keep it real for myself and the fans. If people are going to spend their hard-earned money to see you, you better give them your best. 

SD: Heart is a big part of music history, what do you want to be most remembered for?

AW: Being the real thing, not greedy or fake. For doing what I wanted and giving it my best. I never try to be anyone, but myself. I always keep it real.  


For more information on Ann, visit www.annwilsonofheart.com. To purchase tickets to see her perform at the Lynn Auditorium on August 13th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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