5 Questions: Sal “the Voice” Valentinetti

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To purchase tickets to see Sal Valentinetti at the Lynn Auditorium September 16, visit www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Sal Valentinetti is an Italian-American crooner know best for his flawless vocals, larger than life personality and his heart of gold. From a very young age Sal was influenced by his grandmother to love the musical genius of the classic crooner sounds of Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.

In 2016, Season 11 of the NBC hit show “Americas Got Talent” was taken by storm by Sal Valentinetti. The 20 year old college student who delivered Pizza for his cousin’s Italian restaurant was now in the spot light singing his heart out and enjoying every minute of it.

SD: How old were you when you discovered your singing voice?

SV: I was 15 years old. I was taking horn lesson and the guy said sing something. I sang a song from Bobby Darrin. He said I should get singing lessons and my mom said “no way!” My parents are tone deaf. I would be singing in the shower like an angel and my mom would beat down the door and yelling because I was wasting water.

SD: What made you want to audition for “Americas’s Got Talent”?

SV: After building up a small following performing at a friend’s restaurant for $100 for three hours of singing, my Uncle Joe encouraged me to try out for American IdoI. As a bet, he offered up his Range Rover for the summer in case I didn’t win. I made it all the way to Hollywood week on season 14. Harry Connick, Jr. had asked us if anyone had a coat because JLo was cold, so in my typically funny manner I said “sure, but it’s up in my hotel room.” Well, that comment didn’t go over well and I was asked to leave. A year later, AGT called me and asked me to send over a video of me singing something in acapella and before I knew, it I was on the show.  I spent three years studying at St. Johns College, but I was just going through the motions to make my parents proud. I am now being my true self – a performer.

SD: Tell us about your new album?

SV: It is getting great numbers on Amazon and ITunes under jazz albums. It is a great feeling! I am truly humble by all the attention it is receiving. Sony originally said no to me making an album, so I paid for it myself.  Then they saw how well it is doing they called and asked if I’m doing a Christmas album. I told them yes, but I’m doing it myself.  

SD: Before AGT, you were delivering pizza. What was the best part about that job?

SV: You could listen to whatever kind of music you wanted to. I blasted it and had the best time while delivering the pizza. Plus, who else could say you can smoke a cigar while working. I am so glad that my parents instilled the value of a dollar and working hard in me. I don’t want to forget to mention the unlimited pizza!

SD: Which classic crooner would you most like to perform a duet with?

SV:  It would have to be Tony Bennett! My grandmother loved him, and to honor her, I would sing with him in a heartbeat. I would love to sing with Seth MacFarlane. He has an amazing voice and we love the same kind of music.


For more information about Sal, visit www.salthevoiceny.com.  To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Lynn Auditorium on Sept. 16 visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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