5 Questions: Micky Dolenz

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

THE MONKEES band members Micky Dolenz will perform for a one-night only performance at the Cabot Theatre. I recently caught up with Micky Dolenz about the upcoming show and his fondest memories of THE MONKEES television show.

SD: Growing up in a show-business family, did you feel you were predestined to follow in your parent’s footsteps?

MD: I was never pressured to be a performer. I would visit my dad on set and was always told it was cool. Growing up, I thought that everyone’s parents were actors. I did work on a TV series when I was 10, but after that I returned back to school and didn’t really become interested in acting again until I was in college.

SD:  You had started playing the guitar, and then when you were cast on The Monkees, you played the drums. Was the transition natural for you?

MD: Yeah! It was pretty easy. The great thing was that I could already read music. The hardest thing about playing the drums was the physicality of it. I had to learn to play with both hands and feet. Other than that, it came pretty natural.

SD: Even after all these years of performing, what was it like for you when you first stepped on stage?

MD: Frankly, it is like having someone throw you a birthday party over and over again. I love the energy that I get from the audience. Giving them what they want is a great joy for me. It is like a ride I never want to get off.  

SD: How does it make you feel that people are still interested in The Monkees?

MD: I feel blessed to be have been a part of it. While on the show, I was surrounded by some incredible talent and making some lifelong friendships. I think that people still feel so connected to the show because not only was the chemistry real, but the music and the show itself was great. 

SD: Can you give us a preview of what people can expect to hear and see at the Cabot?

MD: I will be performing all “The Monkee’s” hits. There will also be lots of storytelling.  I will share stories and songs from our trip over to England and how Jimi Hendrix was our opening act on the Monkee’s first tour. It is going to be a lot of fun. 


For more information about Micky, www.mickydolenz.com. To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Cabot Theatre on September 9th visit www.thecabot.org

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