Little Green House Makes Dream Come True One Cookie at a Time

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From Little Green House Bakes –

The Little Green House Bakes gets a little closer to making a dream come true, one cookie at a time.

With lots of prayers
With lots of hard work
With lots of enthusiasm
With lots of love
We’ve started a crowd sharing campaign

Lynn is one of the few cities that have made diversity work to its advantage. Our neighbors are our neighbors no matter where we might be born, no matter our story, we are always there for each other. If there is a fire clothes are donated, if someone is hungry we are there volunteering to feed them. Lynn is a city of nations and a city of religions.

I was born in Lynn and raised my family here; it holds a special place in my heart. Little Green House is getting closer to moving from a home business to a neighborhood coffee shop. A shop where our elders can come and get a home-made baked good and a cup of coffee or tea for a reasonable price. A shop where a parent can come with a child for a treat and not have it break the bank. A shop where on a Friday an elementary age child can stop by, bring in a test paper with an “A” and get a free treat. A small neighborhood shop. Nothing fancy, we don’t want to get rich. We just want to give our community just a bit of what makes Lynn the wonderful city that it is.

We have started a “GOFundMe” campaign for anyone who would like to help.  If the spirit moves you then feel free to donate. If you can’t for any reason we totally understand.  Can we ask that you share on your social media pages and then ask your friends? Let’s continue to grow close communities in Lynn.

Peace to you

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