5 Questions: Constantine Maroulis

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Constantine first came to prominence as the beloved rock n’ roll underdog on American Idol. He then secured his place in pop culture as a Broadway superstar, best known for his TONY-nominated role in Rock Of Ages. Now, for his third act, he begins an invigorating and promising new era with a bevvy of intriguing projects, including putting the finishing touches on his most assured and swaggering solo music to date.  Constantine is excited to be appearing for the very first time at the North Shore Music theatre in Evita. 

SD: What was it about this role of Che Guevara that you liked?

CM: He is such a significant historical figure. There were so many facets about him as a person. He wanted to be a doctor, a world traveler, and a crusader to name a few. There are just so many stories about the man he was that stand out: everything from his iconic beret to his street art. He will also be remembered most for his complicated friendship with Castro. I can’t thank my dear friend, Nick Kenkel, enough for asking me to be a part of this show.  The opportunity to work with him and perform in such a great Andrew Lloyd Webber piece is truly amazing.

SD: How are you similar to your character Che?

CM: I think part of what has been my brand on Broadway is portraying the likable and loveable characters. Che is a little different for me, but I would still like to bring some of my coolness and strength to his character.  

SD: Obviously, the music comes easy for you. How do you handle the choreographic demands?

CM: Nothing is easy! There is so much work involved. With “Evita,” there is a very short rehearsal schedule, so I have to work hard and learn fast. Once I find who my character is and what he wants, everything falls in place. Dance and movement are not my specialty, but I never let it hold me back. The next couple of weeks are going to be nuts, but I’m very excited to be part of this production.

SD: You recently released a new single, “All About You.” What is the song about?

CM: I am very excited about the new song. It has been doing well. I co-wrote it with Sam Hollander (he also wrote “Handclap.”) In brainstorming for this song, we both spoke kindly of our love for New England. When I moved to Boston, It was the first time I was away from home and I fell in love with a southern belle. “All About You” is an earnest power ballad about not being able to move on,

SD: What are your thoughts on the revival of “American Idol”?

CM: Awesome! Going into it, I knew I was not a big rock star or a pop star, because Broadway is my game. AI was and still is an incredible part of my life. The show brought families back together and was a big part of TV history. What I love about this revival, is that it will be focusing more on the candidates and their stories. 

Evita is now playing through October 8, 2017.

For more information about Constantine, visit www.constantinemaroulis.com. To purchase tickets to see him perform in “Evita “at the North Shore Music Theatre visit www.nsmt.org.  

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