American Latino Committee Celebrates International Migrant Day

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The American Latino Committee, its members and founder, Juan Gonzalez, hosted an event at the relatively new Lupita’s Sport Bar and Grill on Washington Street.

Speakers included Alex Cuevas, Jose Álvarez, Dulce Gonzalez, State Rep. Lori Ehrlich, State Rep. Brendan Crighton, Mayor-elect Tom McGee, Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger, Lynn Police Chief Michael Mageary, and City Council President Darren Cyr.

Awards were presented to the following Latino community leaders –

Erasmo Guevara
Francisca Cabrera (Lupita Owner –wife of Erasmo)
Hugo Carbajal
Reyna de León
Romería C. Hernández
Max R. Saravia
Eduardo Cáceres
Pedro Díaz Jr.
José Palma

The American Latino Committee is a nonprofit institution that aims to achieve social contribution, welfare, progress and integration of the Latino community.

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