NEYT: The Next Level of Youth Football

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From New England Youth Tackle Football, Inc. –

It’s crazy to think that only seven States produce almost half of all NFL players. It makes you wonder why? What could the states possibly be doing different then ours here in New England?

After very little research it was easy to see the one and only difference between New England states and these other states. The other states offered different programs throughout the year not just a typical football season. So simple yet so smart. The next question that comes to mind is why don’t we have year-round football? A group of Lynn residents and friends have come together with an answer to that question. 

Friends Joel Machado and Domingo Guillen have joined forces with John Raye and Orlando Concepcion to create New England Youth Tackle Football. The new league will run during the typical off seasons of traditional football times. (Feb – July) The focus will be on building a better and more safe minded player.

“These kids deserve the time and effort year round when it comes to the great game of football” says Domingo Guillen. Many parents have trouble keeping kids busy and excited about something after football season has ended.

This new league is great for the other youth football programs because it will only create better players for them in the future. NEYT is looking forward to working with other football programs and local coaches. “We think our youth deserve the same opportunities as any other kids and its our job to make sure they have them” says John Raye.

This is a great time for all the local football families to come together and make history.

For more information about the new league and to register you can go to WWW.NEYTFOOTBALL.ORG .

You can also add us on facebook where you can donate to help keep these kids playing the great game of Football.

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