Centerboard Celebrates High Rock Tower Lighting

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Centerboard hosted a celebration at their headquarters in City Hall Square Thursday night. With help from donors and through Patronicity and MassDevelopment, they are able to keep the lights on at High Rock Tower and complete the project by eventually lighting all sides.

From Centerboard:

The Illumination of High Rock Tower will:
1. Substantially brighten the tower and park, reducing current concerns about public safety;
Position the tower to serve as an informational beacon – high-tech lights will be programmed to change color warning people of approaching weather, as Boston’s John Hancock does;
2. Make the tower a central part of celebrations since illuminations are programmable for specific holiday celebrations and causes (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gay Pride, Fourth of July, etc.);
3. Provide a beautiful outdoor venue for events of all kinds (ice sculpture contests, weddings, concerts, etc.), that attracts visitors to the area and increases revenue to businesses;
4. Highlight the tower and generate interest from the local community to explore the tower observatory;
5. Allow for the tower to be used as a much-needed landmark, day or night, for finding your way around Lynn. 

The idea comes from local photographer Jason Taglieri, who pitched it to Centerboard. The lighting designer is Joey Nicotera of Retonica.

Mayor McGee was there to praise the project and other local pols were present to join in the celebration.

Keep your eyes on the tower!

Centerboard Director Mark DeJoie speaks with Mayor Tom McGee

A photograph of High Rock Tower from a test lighting

Joey Nicotera from Retonica Lighting (right) addresses the crowd

Ward 4 Councilor Richard Colucci, Mayor McGee, Jason Taglieri, Mark DeJoie, Councilor at Large Brian Field, Joey Nicotera, Ward 2 Councilor Rick Starbard

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