Internal Damnation, a Debut Novel from Lynn’s David Rutter

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David Rutter recently released Internal Damnation, the first book of what is to be called the “O-Park Trilogy.”


In this heart-wrenching tale of drugs, violence, and betrayal, Alexander Marks is a shattered man who desires nothing more than to be forgotten. His closet is painted with the blood of those he’s harmed (and protected).

Having lost everything he cared about due to loyalty, Alex reluctantly returns home to *Ocean Park, Massachusetts, after nearly a decade inside federal prison. What he learns about his city and friends upon returning horrifies him. What he realizes about himself…that scars him in ways his past could never.

“I consider the main setting of Internal Damnation to be an alternate version of Lynn (multiverse so to speak).” writes Rutter in an email. Though he took liberties with the setting, Rutter makes references to Central Square, Market Street, Boston Street and Red Rock Park “…as they are now.” The Lynn Public Library is there, and of course, North Shore Community, although under the moniker, “Ocean Park Community College.”

Five years in the making, David Rutter writes, “It was originally a screenplay treatment I wrote in 2011 titled “Ten Pin”. After meeting with an agent in Boston in August 2012, he convinced me to adapt the story to a novel because I was “unknown” and this wasn’t a “horror film.” I was told to go gain a following and get it adapted for film down the road. I thought that was a stupid idea, but eventually came around to the idea after I wanted a new challenge. Come to find out, I loved writing a novel more than I could ever love writing screenplays.”

David Rutter credits Lynn Classical teacher Mr. McQueen, who “…took the time after class to go over plot/structure whenever I needed guidance.” Rutter writes, “I spent more time in his class crafting stories, worlds, and characters than with any teacher in any grade or institution.”

David Rutter is a 2018 graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, holding a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English. He is a member of Sigma Tau Delta. In 2011, David won the DownBeach Film Festival award for “Best Writer-Short Film” for his work on the dramatic short film, Mea Culpa. 

*Remember, Ocean Park was a rejected attempt at renaming and rebranding Lynn in the 80’s.

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