New Mural on Mt. Vernon

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Over the course of a few hours on Sunday, artist Dominik Lupo(a/k/a DominikGWraps) added a new mural in downtown Lynn on Mt. Vernon Street where property owner Cisco Meneses has commercial spaces for lease under a portion of the downtown Lynn commuter rail overpass.

The stretch of spaces, from Silsbee to part way towards Exchange Street in the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, has been branded “Ironbound North Shore,” and Meneses has enlisted the help of Justice Born Morley to attract artists, vendors and businesses to the commercial spaces there.

Sunday evening, with the mural complete, Born took to social media to say, “Want some free coffee?” They were giving away samples of Lynn’s own Lightning Coffee, Walloons food truck was there, and a table and chairs were set up. None of this was announced far in advance. It was a spontaneous hang.

Dominik Lupo is prepared to attack the freshly primed wall, Justice Borne on the right

A place to enjoy your coffee and Walloons – photo by Justice Borne

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Interested artists and vendors can get in touch through the website. Here.


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