The Bodega Makeover Project Hosts Info Session in LynnArts

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On Saturday, March 10th, people came to the front gallery of LynnArts, enjoyed food by Rincon Macorisano and schmoozed with one another. They were there to learn about the Bodega Makeover project. After some networking time, Lynn resident and Managing Partner/Co-Executive Producer of Bodega Makeover, Alexander Cuevas, began the presentation.

Bodega Makeover is a documentary/reality show planned to be released as a web series, with production in Lynn beginning roughly July this year.


Bodega Makeover: Mission

  • Our main aims are to promote healthier options, and to tell the stories of Hispanic/Urban communities that have less access to healthy food, while simultaneously connecting families and communities.

  • Bodega Makeover will travel where it is needed to ensure fresh and reliable food supplies are available.

  • Each episode will dive deep into the personal life of a bodega owner. We will generate stories by connecting with non-profit organizations who are working on community development.

  • Empowering business through community investment.

The plan is to work on curb-appeal (store window displays, for example,)  and combat the issues of food deserts where there is limited access to fresh foods and food swamps, where junk food is abundant and cheap and healthier options are hard to come by. They will also work within communities, enlisting local organizations to help with the transformation.

Founder and Executive Producer Evelyn Brito explained the project further and took questions from the audience.

The session ended with a walk over to a Munroe Street bodega that will be featured on the series. 

For more information, visit and the fb page.

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