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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Mike McLean is excited to be playing Captain Georg von Trapp in the national tour of “The Sound of Music.” Being a longtime fan of the classic movie, playing Captain von Trapp is dream role that he cherishes as an actor.  He believes fans, new and old, are going to love this new production. It’s not only filled with all the songs that we know and love, but it has a powerful and thought-provoking message that is relevant today.  

SD: Tell me about Captain von Trapp. What’s your take on him?

MM: He is a role that is definitely a pleasure to perform. He has a great story arc. He deals with the pain of losing his wife by becoming militant with his children. Maria, who is a free-spirit, comes into his life and shakes things up for him. She is someone he can’t control.   What I love about him is that through music, he sees his children again for the first-time and literally comes back to life.  

SD: What similarities do you have Captain von Trapp share?

MM: Our love for music. My parents were musicians, but gave up their musical dreams to provide a better home for me and my sister. Like my parents, they sacrificed their dreams for their children. As we grew and left home, we were always encouraging them to bring music back into their lives.

SD: What have learned about your self playing this role?

MM: It is definitely a dream role for me. I also learned that I actually like being around children. I love watching them thrive and grow as actors. I also enjoy mentoring them. I might even want to be a dad someday. 

SD: Favorite song from The Sound of Music is?

MM: “Edelweiss.” It’s my chance to take the stage and channel all of my emotions into this beautiful song. I was really nervous about being alone on the stage with only a guitar, but singing this song far outweighs my fear.  

SD: How many times have you watched “The Sound of Music” film?

MM: A dozen of times. I’ve probably lost count.  Since I got the role as the captain, I haven’t watched it. I didn’t want to be influenced by Christopher Plummber’s portrayal.   I really want to rely on the script to tell me his story.


For more information about Mike, visit www.mikemcleanofficial.com.  To purchase tickets to see The Sound of Music at the Boch Center Wang May 1st -13th, visit www.bochcenter.org

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