5 Questions: Marlon Wayans

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Marlon Wayans is an actor, producer, comedian, writer and film director. His films have grossed more than $736-million in domestic box office, an average of nearly $50-million per outing. As a standup comedian, he is selling out nationwide and adding shows every weekend. He recently hit a career milestone with his highly anticipated first-ever stand-up comedy special “Woke-ish” which premiered on Netflix on February 27, 2018.

SD: You have always created your own Hollywood opportunities. Why not wait for opportunities to knock on your door?

MW: I would be waiting for a long time if I didn’t make my own. In Hollywood, they come few and far between. I was raised to go after your dreams, never wait, and make them happen. 

SD: Your TV show “Marlon” was renewed for a second season by NBC. What kind of TV dad are you?

MW: I’m definitely a different kind of dad. I am a bit immature, but it allows me to connect with the audience and my TV family. As a dad, I believe in being truthful and making connections. You should also always tell your kids the truth and give them hope.

SD: “Woke-ish” is your new comedy special on Netflix. Some may be offended by it. Is that the point you are trying to make?

MW: Nowadays, people are soft. They get offended easily. I like to approach my comedy routine from a certain point of view. One is going to start conversations. My comedy comes from a place of truth. I like to speak of things that are truthful. For me, if I can get you to think and listen and maybe change your point of view, then I am doing my job. 

SD: As the first family of comedy, any plans to make a movie with all the Wayans in it?

MW: I wish! I love working with them. I try to work with them every chance I get. I hope one day we will have to opportunity to all make a movie together. 

SD: What makes you laugh?

MW: Bugs Bunny – he makes me laugh. He is the perfect comedian. Looney Tunes made you laugh by social political approach. You were laughing while learning a lesson. I love laugher because it connects us as people.


To purchase tickets to see Marlon perform at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford on May 19th visit www.chevaliertheatre.com

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