First-Step Mural Tag Tour with Beyond Walls

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On May 26, 2018 — Join the First-Step Tag Mural Competition Tour with First-Step Runners and Beyond Walls and finish at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee!


  • 9:30AM: Meet at the Lynn Museum, 590 Washington Street, to go over rules

  • 10AM: Start the Race/Tour

  • 11AM – 12PM: Meet at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, 61 Munroe Street, where winners will be announced

The objective is to run the prescribed route as fast as possible while:
– In teams of two or more
– Taking selfies/pictures next to/in view of the murals
– Each member of the team has to be in a mural photo at least once! With that being said, a group selfie will count as the one photo, as long as everyone posts it on their individual
Instagram accounts
– Race as a team through the downtown to each of the murals on the designated route! Once you make it to a mural, your job is to take photos with the murals and TAG Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee – Lynn, MA) and then race to the next the one! The winning team gets a prize!

– Phone to take photos on
– Instagram to post the photos

Land of a Thousand Hills is one of LynnHappens’ sponsors. You can be, too! Check in with for more information.

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