WGBH: “Transit Oriented Development Comes To Lynn”

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Story followed by a note from your LynnHappens editor –

WGBH’s lastest story on Lynn, by Bob Seay, focuses on renewed efforts for transit oriented development in the city.


“A recent study Forman did of gateway cities, usually former industrial centers, found Lynn to have the greatest potential for housing and job growth within a half mile of its commuter rail station.”

Now, a note from your editor:

When I began the original version of LynnHappens in 2007, while blogging was still at least somewhat in vogue, I was hoping to use it as a means of connecting and aggregating content from other Lynn blogs – including my own that I had at the time, called “Living in Lynn.”

By July 2008, I saw a need to change direction. Originally inspired by sites such as Adam Gaffin’s UniversalHub, I changed the platform, albiet to WordPress instead of Drupal, and direction, adding the events calendar, immense photo galleries, and covering City Council and embedding the videos before cable access was able to get in the chambers to broadcast live. Well, unless you’re a newcomer, you know the story. (If you want to hear it, drop a line..)

One month away from the tenth anniversary of this iteration of LynnHappens, I plan on taking the site somewhat back to its roots in order to move it forward. Just as LynnHappens was once part of the Boston Globe’s discontinued Your Town collection of local sites, and a member of the defunct North Shore Bloggers Network, I will funnel outside coverage of Lynn and other stories of potential interest to Lynn readers through LynnHappens in addition to the content already being provided.

I hope that by doing so, to encourage more fruitful dialog on issues facing Lynn than one usually finds in social media commentary. Even if that doesn’t happen, I aim to bring more readers to stories about Lynn, and that’s good thing for the city whether the stories are good, bad, or indifferent, because it encourages more coverage.

-Seth Albaum

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