5 Questions: Patrick Myers of Killer Queen

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To purchase tickets to see them perform at the Lynn Auditorium on July 5th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Killer Queen was formed back in June 1993.  Their first public shows were at London University, following in the footsteps of the real Queen who had played their first shows there 21 years earlier.

In 2016, Killer Queen took the show to America including Red Rocks Arena in Colorado – one of the country’s most prestigious venues – The Beatles, Springsteen, U2 have all played there. They will be returning there as a part of their 3rd US tour in 2018, as well as the Lynn Auditorium July 5.

SD: Why Freddie?

PM: He is an extraordinary icon and for me as a teenager watching him perform at Live Aid was electric. I really fell for his writing and voice. Such pathos and passion and devilish humor. Top chap.

SD: How do you balance who Freddie was as a performer with your own sense of style and sound into the music?

PM: I’m not really onstage to present myself but represent Freddie – as much as anyone can. I love his onstage energy and that charged connection to the moment in music he has, so that’s the kind of ballpark I pitch towards when I’m onstage. He had such a wonderful sense of fun and celebration that was really inclusive towards the audience. That for me is what makes this a real joy to do. That and the fantastic music.

SD: What do you think of Freddie Mercury, the man?

PM: I love his humor. He makes me laugh. He’s known for being flamboyant onstage but there’s a cool, detached deadpan style to a lot of his style off stage that’s also really funny and quite often risque. I feel sorry that his rise in fame coincided so exactly with the rise of then unknown HIV and we lost him just before effective meds arrived. But I really admire his bravery and work ethic. Recording beautiful and extraordinary songs with his wonderful voice right till the end with good humor and grit.

SD: Which is the hardest song to perform?

PM: Bohemian Rhapsody and Show are both tough ones – but rewarding. None of this stuff is a walk in the park, so you need seriously good musicians to nail this stuff. Queen were all great writers and arrangers.

SD: What can we expect from your show? Any preview you can give us?

PM: The best rock music ever written combined with the feel and atmosphere of a classic Queen performance is the mission statement. Queen gave the world the blueprint for a perfect rock and roll show. So that’s what we’ve looked to recreate.  Great costumes, great songs – a night to remember and sing your heart out to. I think if you can bring people together and get a whole arena, auditorium or whatever singing and sharing great music as one it’s a beautiful thing.  And a whole heap of fun.


For more information on Killer Queen, visit www.killerqueenonline.com. To purchase tickets to see them perform at the Lynn Auditorium on July 5th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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