[FOUND!]Missing Person Alert

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*****ATTENTION************MISSING****** My daughter Ashlee Theresa is missing. She is 21 years old 5’7 and about 125lbs. . She was at a treatmemt center called WATC in new bedford but was escorted yesterday to a nearby hospital to seek medical treatment for an infection. She somehow slipped past security and left the hospital. May have gotten ride to LYNN!!! She left with just the clothes on her back. She does not have her phone with her and she has no money . In the past few months she has been around Lawrence , Lynn and Haverhill. She has a history of depression and drug use and has been suicidal . She needs treatment and medical help. I had her sectioned this morning at Lynn court and there is a warrent out for her if u see her call lynn PD immediately!!! She has plenty of fmaily worried and willing to help. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Please share.

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