5 Questions: John Carter Cash

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

John Carter Cash, having been involved in music all his life, is an accomplished and award-winning record producer. However, his activities in the creative world reach far beyond just music production. He is also a singer-songwriter and author. The grandson of Maybelle Carter and the only son from the marriage of John R Cash and June Carter Cash, he preserves the family legacy and is a caretaker to the heritage of his musical ancestors.

SD: When did you first realize you had talent to sing?

JCC: I sang and performed even before I knew I had talent. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew I loved music. My heart told me to perform, so I did. 

SD: What is message of your new album, “We Must Believe in Magic?”

JCC: When we are young, we believe in endless possibilities. We follow our dreams and believe we will accomplish great things. There are times, that we believe we can even fly. We should never place limitations on ourselves. The album is about opening your heart and finding your inspiration. To have magic in our lives, we must believe in magic. 

SD: For this album, how did you combine your talents as record producer, songwriter, and performer?

JCC: The good thing is that I am always working in the studio whether on my stuff or for other musicians, I am doing it all. I am very self-critical when it comes to putting out my own music. I think that is why it’s been eight years since my last release. I want it to make sure that all my projects have that magic! 

SD: What was it like growing up in one of country music’s most recognizable families?

JCC: My mom and dad were humble-hearted people. They never lost their humanity. You could see it and feel it when you were around them. They made my life as normal as possible.

SD: As the only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, how important is it to you to preserves the family legacy and your musical heritage?         

JCC: It is very important to me to keep their memory alive, not only for me, but for their fans. I also do it out of love for my parents. I always want to continue to honor them in as many ways as I can. 


For more information on John, please visit www.johncartercash.com

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