Photos: Zimman’s Sign Restored by Beyond Walls and other Mural Photos


Over the past few days, LynnHappens has accumulated photos from Beyond Walls and other events. Here they are:

Michelle LaPoetica of DENCITY at Walnut Street Cafe put together a festival for Saturday in the Lynn Museum. Originally scheduled to be outside in Central Square but moved due to the weather, it featured poets, musicians, painters and other artists.

DENCITY Poetic Soulcase and Open Mic takes place every Tuesday at Walnut Street Cafe, 157 Walnut Street in Lynn.

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LynnArts and Lydia Pinkham both had open houses and sales Saturday, with a Trolley to go between them. Most photos are from the LynnArts side of things because we arrived at Pinkham a little late, but thankfully, the Item and others grabbed great shots of Pinkham.

[URIS id=70334]

Girls Inc. was out recently painting storm drains. We all know, especially with recent flooding, the importance of keeping trash out of storm drains. Another important reason – protecting sea life.

Zimman’s gets an old sign back thanks to Chrissy Lebel of Lebel Signs on Mt. Vernon St as part of the Beyond Walls project:

Smeared a little from the rain, but fixable. This former “Ghost Sign” is being brought back to life for Zimman’s

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