LynnHappens is Back After Brutal Hack

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As Labor Day Weekend comes to a close, I need to thank the team of folks who brought LynnHappens back from the grips of some nasty code that redirected visitors.

The server, which I manage, was already hardened by a firewall and a monthly subscription to a security service. But there was a way in, as there always is, and last Thursday visitors were redirected to a Russian tabloid of sorts.

It wasn’t a particular good one as far as tabloids go, nor was it very political. It was gossipy and in Russian, but also with some English content. I couldn’t help but wonder what [URL redacted forgotten] or the folks behind the hack were trying to gain. There was no malware on the site people were being redirected to, as far as I could tell. It was just supermarket isle-type content from Russia.

Fixing everything took a while because I had to set up a new VPS (Virtual Private Server, for those who know and care) and move my other websites to the new server, leaving LynnHappens on the original server by itself. My web security company would not do their job, otherwise. They don’t like multiple sites on one server.

It all took time. My security company was busier than usual, the company I host my servers with was busier than usual, but mostly, I was busier than usual.

Of the several web sites I’ve developed and hosted, LynnHappens has been the only one repeatedly targeted and occasionally infiltrated. One thing is clear – they want LynnHappens visitors in particular, to see what they’re peddling. I’ll wear that as a badge of honor, I guess? You should want your events listed on LynnHappens, it’s considered important enough to be hacked by the Russians!

Apologies for any inconvenience while the site was down. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

LynnHappens editor,

Seth Albaum

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