Nazi Symbol Spotted on Silsbee Street – [UPDATE} Cleaned by Ward 5 Councilor Chakoutis

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[UPDATE] Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis has cleaned it!

“Residents of Ward 5 do not tolerate hate and ignorance.” – Chakoutis

Ward 5 Councilor Chakoutis cleans the wall, herself!

While going to pick up my daughter from day care around 2:30pm I spotted these symbols of hate on Silsbee Street, between Ellis St. and Mt. Vernon. They represent the Nazi “SS.” That’s the worst of the worst.

I know that some would like incidents like this swept under the rug, cleaned up but not fussed about so we don’t besmirch our reputation as the welcoming and diverse community. I do not agree with that tactic.

I believe we need to face the ugliness head on. Though it troubles me to say it, bigotry and hate exists in this part of the country. (We of course do not know if the taggers hail from Lynn or elsewhere – no awful pun intended.)

So on the way back, I swung around and snapped this photo as evidence.

I expect that in a matter of hours – maybe minutes – some talented artists will cover or modify these symbols of hate into symbols of love. Prove me right.

-Seth Albaum

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