5 Questions: Tonya Boyd Cannon

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To purchase tickets to see Tonya Boyd Cannon perform at the Lynn Auditorium on November 5th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Tonya’s career began in 1999 when she sang background for Jean Knight.  With Knight’s inspiration; Boyd-Cannon continued singing; winning talent shows, opening for major artists and recording records. In 2015, Boyd-Cannon’s career catapulted; landing as a TOP  20 finalist on NBC’s Emmy-Award winning show, “The Voice, where she was on Adam Levine’s team.

Today, she continues to bring her listeners on a soulful journey with her “witty and dope” style.  When Boyd-Cannon is not performing on stages; she is the founder of the “Rise My Child” Foundation, where she coaches young voices, directs the New Orleans Citywide Youth Choir and aim to heal all communities with the arts. 

SD: How has your life changed since appearing on season 8 of The Voice?

TC: It was such an amazing experience. I’ve been singing for a long time. The one thing that has changed is the recognition that I receive. It is nice to be recognized for doing something that I love. 

SD: You grew up singing in church. What does gospel music do for you?

TC: I love old-school gospel music. Because It stirs me up and touches my spirit, I can’t do anything but celebrate. My roots are established in the south and in the church. Gospel music is my foundation. My sound is built around it. When you break down gospel, it’s the foundation of all music. 

SD: What can you tell us about the “Turn It Up” show?

TC: I feel so honored to be sharing the stage with both the Soul Rebels and Christian Scott. The energy we have created is amazing.  Combining a brass band, a trumpet, and vocals is really creating an amplifier to our sound. For me, its creates a “slap you sound.”  I promise the show will leave you feeling inspired and invigorating.

SD: How do combine all the sounds (gospel and soul) that you love?

TC: Seeing the all the elements of sounds at their purest.  Soul is a gene of it own.. Soul embodies every genre of music. Every part of music touches the soul. When I am singing, I am sharing my soul with you.  

SD: What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

TC: Music and art is something that is needed daily. When I am not on the stage, I am a teacher. To remove these two essentials from schools is hurting our children.  They are both a part of life and living. Music is in my core. I also want people to know that dreams can be achieved. You just have to keep trying and never give up. 


For more information on Tonya, visit www.tonyaboydcannon.com. To purchase tickets to see her perform at the Lynn Auditorium on November 5th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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