The LACC “WIN” Beauty, Wellness & Fashion Expo

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photo courtesy of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce and ©Stephanie Arnett

The “WIN” Beauty, Wellness & Fashion Expo Was Quite a Win

By Eleni Karavoussianis

LYNN, Mass. ___ HairCraft On Humphrey business owner, Melissa Gammon-Bowden highlighted the importance of looking one’s best to feel the best. Going by the rules of “look good, feel good, do good,” the “WIN” Beauty, Wellness & Fashion Expo was certainly at its best on November 1, 2018.

The expo was an annual fundraiser which runs as part of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC) series “WIN,” standing for Women in Networking. The Nahant Country Club served as venue for this event; its interior decked out with tables and merchandise from local Lynn-based vendors, tables of food from Lynn Restaurants, networking opportunities and a red-carpet catwalk for a grand fashion show finale starring the political, community and business leaders of Lynn.

Talk about models encompassing role model status.

“We have men here supporting their women and we have women that support each other,” Pauline Spirito, the evening’s organizer and emcee, and owner of Infinity Boutique, said.

Lynn can be described as a community with a ton of growth potential. Maryann Blatsos, president of Thrive 7inCare Solutions, explained her view on this and how the town needs to figure out how to tap into that potential.

“I want people to see Lynn as a destination,” Blatsos said.

The expo was a step in the right direction by providing support to local businesses, opportunities for talented minds, particularly those of women, to connect for future growth and providing a warm, welcoming and fun environment for both newcomers and loyal attendees.

There were some really original local businesses showcasing like Christine Lucas, President of Boston Designer Jewelry Imports. Her business is mostly run online and offers a selection of international jewelry from Hong Kong, Greece and the Dominican Republic.

“I love meeting new people and finding out more about them and what they like too,” Lucas said. “I take what they say into consideration for future jewelry”

Another attendee was Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, from downtown Lynn, an employer of formerly homeless youth through the Haven Project. The goods for sale were made by them as part of a program to help them learn valuable skills that will assist in future employment opportunities. They really focus on wanting to “do good” for those in their care by serving the community that is called home at the same time.

The fashion show portion of the night was opened with a performance from Cultura Latina Dance Academy (CLDA), a dance company with the intent to enhance, share and communicate culture through dance. The movements were rhythmic, rapid tapping of heeled shoes, and a long skirt which flowed and was eventually rid of. The colors were vibrant, the dance was full of life, and the audience could not stop the tapping of their feet.

As for the fashion show, the outfits for the women were provided by Infinity Boutique, celebrating 36 years in business. And the men were provided by Giblees Menswear. The first walk was casual dress followed by formal and the most striking part of it all was the energy. The models were dedicated to their walks, the audience was interacting with them, all of which created an incredibly pleasant atmosphere.

Mayor Tom McGee rocked a cherry bowtie. Dan Khun performed the smoothest of dabs during his walk. The shawl style took the spotlight on multiple women. Linda Sharkey shredded the carpet with a fringed top and fringed jacket. And at the end, all the models showcased their moves with a final dance down the red-carpet as Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez began to play.

How else can all this be described other than delightful?


Eleni Karavoussianis is a recent Roger Williams University graduate and a 22-year-old freelance journalist. She hopes to one day focus her writing on the judicial system or entertainment news. You can find her @eleni_karav on twitter.

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