5 Questions: John Waters

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Photo credit: Greg Gorman

Like a damaged St. Nick for the Christmas corrupted, the legendary John Waters hitchhikes into town with a bag full of sticks and stones for the devoted and the damned, spreading yuletide with his critically acclaimed one-man show A John Waters Christmas.  

Waters is a filmmaker (Female Trouble, Hairspray, and Serial Mom), raconteur, and best-selling author (Carsick, Role Models, and Make Trouble).

SD: When I think about Christmas, I don’t immediate think about John Waters. Why do you love Christmas?

JW: I am surprised you don’t think of me. Well, that [isn’t] the entire show why I hate it.  The show is about why I love and hate Christmas and how you can deal with the onslaught of the holiday season. It’s the one season you can’t really escape.

SD: What bothers you about the holiday?

JW: The fact that it starts earlier and earlier each year. I am thinking that we should just combine Halloween and Christmas together.

SD: What advice do you have for people who have to spend time with relatives they don’t like?

JW: Bring a whistle and every time politics enters the conversation blow it. Hopefully, people will start laughing and change the subject.

SD: What kind of presents do you like getting?

JW: I love books! I want books that are hard to find or weird ones. Don’t buy me any off a best-selling list, I won’t read it. 

SD: Do you believe in Santa Clause?

JW: I don’t anymore. These days, I am confused, because is he a polar bear, is he a home invader or is he an elitist that he only goes to houses with chimney’s. I don’t know how I feel. He can’t kiss mommy anymore. It’s not politicly correct. We are living in dangerous times.    


For more information on A John Waters Christmas and to purchase tickets to the December 6th show, visit www.berklee.edu

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