5 Questions: Carolyn Hennesy

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Adding to her impressive acting resume, LUCASFILMS recently announced that Emmy Award winning actress Carolyn Hennesy will be the new voice of Princess Leia Organa in the Lego Star Wars franchise.

Carolyn has dazzled as the deliciously vicious Penelope Ellisa on ABCs critically acclaimed series REVENGE.  Prior to REVENGE and TRUE BLOOD, Hennesy was best known for her memorable work as Barbara on ABCs COUGAR TOWN and for her Emmy nominated work as Diane Miller on ABCs GENERAL HOSPITAL.  Kids across America also know her as the hilariously haughty Mrs. Chesterfield on Disney Channels JESSIE.

SD: What is your approach to Princess Leia going to be like?

CH: When you are standing on the shoulders of a giant, you don’t really change the approach that much. When both the original character and the woman who portrayed her are so iconic you don’t change a hair if you can help it. You are continuing a legacy that the audience loves, wants and needs. My approach to Leia is to channel Carrie Fisher the best I can. 

SD:   What similarities do you share with Princess Leia?

CH: Oh gosh! Take no prisoners, no nonsense, and the same dry wit.  We definitely share a tremendous sense of style.

SD: Since Princess Leia is an iconic Star Wars character, what does it mean to you to be voicing her?

CH: You could have knocked me over with a feather. When it really hit me and washed over me like a glorious tsunami, when I had the privilege of saying for the first time “May the force be with you”, I had to stop the entire session and take a moment to process it. I had to process that I am not only saying one of the most iconic and revered sentences in cinematic history, but I am saying it as Princess Leia.

SD: Do you have a favorite Star Wars movie?

CH: It’s “Empire Strikes Back.” Stars Wars was such a leap off the cliff for everyone in the most wonderful way and when Empire came along the technology was a little better and everyone really got their characters. 

SD: What will be your favorite part about hosting the Emmy’s Live Red Carpet Stream and Backstage Post Show interviews?

CH: What I get to wear! I can’t wait to see who gets nominated because I get the great honor of interviewing them.   I just love to get dressed up and I love the appetizers that they pass around.  


For more information about Carolyn visit, www.carolynhennesy.com. To stay updated on everything Star Was visit, www.starwars.com

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