5 Questions: John Denver Tribute Artist Ted Vigil

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Ted is a singer, songwriter and a tribute artist. He has been performing from the age of ten throughout school in concert, symphonic and jazz bands developing his talents as a drummer and singer.

Photo credit: Heather Bunker

Ted now performs Internationally for all kinds of venues and events. He has wowed the crowd selling out theaters all over the US. The most heard comments after a show are “I can’t believe how much he looks and sounds like John Denver! It really took us back!”

SD: Why John Denver?

TV: Well, it started with a singing contest back in 2006 in Laughlin, NV, I went there to perform rock n roll in the Talent Quest competition. Once I was there everybody was telling me that I looked like John Denver, so they convinced me to sing a John Denver song. For another $100, I joined the country music category. I ended up winning by singing a john Denver song that I had never planned on doing. While I was there, I met a couple of people who knew John personally. They both told me that I should do a John Denver tribute show.  I didn’t take it seriously and I had a friend who was doing an Elvis tribute show and opened for him and did 4 songs and it just took off from there.    

SD: Favorite John Denver song to perform?

TV: “Take Me Home Country Road,” because people love to sing along. There have been times where the entire audience will sing along. It is really a cool thing to see.

SD: As a songwriter, do you add your own songs to the show?

TV: I do perform one of my own songs, it’s called “Sing My Songs When I’m gone.” It’s a tribute to John. It’s also a song about being a singer and being out on the road. It’s about me and my life but also about all artist, singers, and songwriters. I wrote it because I wanted a song that paid tribute to John and his legacy. When people buy a ticket to see the show, they want to hear “Annie’s Song, ““Sunshine On My Shoulders,” and “Rocky Mountain High,” so I make sure I perform all of his hits.

SD: Do you feel any kind of pressure in embodying such a folk / pop icon?

TV: When I hit the stage, I feel a responsibility to deliver a show that makes people feel like they are going back in time. I want them to experience the memories of how they first felt when they heard his music. I try to sing them and play them in a way that people will remember how the song originally went. I take this job very seriously. I always remind the audience that I am a tribute artist and not an impersonator. The reason I say that is because there will never be another John Denver. I want the audience to experience something that is real and true. I really believe in the message of his songs and what they stand for.       

SD:  What has been one of the biggest highlights of your career?

TV: Performing for John’s mother, Erma, and his brother. I will never forget the smile on her face.

To learn more about Ted visit, www.tedvigil.com To purchase tickets, call the Box Office at Greater Boston Stage Company at (781) 279-2200, or visit www.greaterbostonstage.org.

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