WHY U.S.? The Immigration Crisis in America – a Public Forum

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From the New Lynn Coalition –

WHY U.S.? The Immigration Crisis in America

A Public Forum presented by the New Lynn Coalition and Essex County Community Organization

in partnership with community leaders

Thursday February 28, 2019 — 5:30-8:00 PM

Lynn Housing Authority, 10 Church St Lynn MA 01901


We live in a political moment where the federal government can be shut down over funding for a border wall, where children continue to be separated from their families, where thousands of people are risking their lives for asylum. We need to understand why. Why are people leaving their countries? Why does the President call them a threat? Why are they coming to the United States? What can we do about it?


The New Lynn Coalition and Essex County Community Organization (ECCO), along with community leaders, present a public forum to demystify the immigration crisis and challenge the anti-immigrant belief we see in policy proposals and media outlets, as well as in our neighborhoods. Lynn is city of refugees, immigrants, and working class people who bring over 60 languages to our city.  We need to do a better job of understanding the roots of immigration, the global forces at play, and the impacts on our communities.


This free event is open to the general public. There will be light refreshments. Translation is available.


The forum will include presentations from:

Professor Timothy Sieber, Cultural Anthropologist and activist from the University of Massachusetts Boston: U.S. Social and Economic Policies in Latin America.

Professor Aviva Chomsky, Author, activist, and Coordinator of the Latin American Studies program at Salem State University: the myth of Immigrants coming to take our jobs.

Pastor Eduardo Caceres, Lynn MA Pastor and community activist: land theft, drugs, and youth displacement.

Angel Meza, Honduran Project: the US and corruption in Latin American government.

Virginia Leigh, LICSW at Lynn Community Health Center: story from a family whose child was detained at the border.


The New Lynn Coalition is made up of community, faith, and labor organizations. Our mission is to organize all sectors of working-class people in our region into a unified, permanent, political and economic force that is union and non-union; employed, underemployed, and unemployed that transcends racial, linguistic, ethnic, citizenship, faith, and gender boundaries. We work to build ties with other allies as well.


New Lynn Coalition is:

Essex County Community Organization, Highlands Coalition, Latina Center Maria, Lynn Heath Task Force, Lynn United for Change, Lynn Workers Center, Neighbor 2 Neighbor, North Shore Labor Council, Matahari, Mass Senior Action Council, North Shore Juneteenth Association, 1199SEIU, IUE/CWA Local 201.


English Contact: Jeff Crosby, Executive Director of the New Lynn Coalition.

Spanish Contact: Michelle Guzman, Bilingual Organizer or Fabiola Alvarez, MSW Intern

112 Exchange Street. Lynn, MA  01902.

Newlynn.org | NewLynnCoalition@gmail.com

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