5 Questions: Mike McCarthy

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Massachusetts Mike McCarthy one of the original (surviving) members of the Irish Comedy Tour is a self-described sports fanatic, heavy drinker and family man. Winner of the 2017 Last Comix Standing contest The Boston Globe called him “An Irish hurricane of hilarity,” He enjoys open bar, tormenting the politically correct and boiling meat in beer. 

SD: What is the Irish Comedy Tour?

MM: If you took a night out at a pub and a comedy show with some music, placed it in a blender that is exactly what it would be. My buddy, Derrick Keane, came up with the idea back in 2006 and I can’t believe we are still alive.  Near Patty’s day, he was just doing a regular comedy show and it became a huge success down in Florida, so he thought we should put something together and hit the road. At the time, the Redneck Comedy tour and the Kings of Comedy were big. We started small and now 13 years later, we are now playing in a lot of better places then when we started.

 SD: How do you describe your comedy style?

MM: I got a nickname from my buddy, Tom Cotter, who was on America’s Got Talent. A million years ago, he referred to me as ‘The Comedy Barbarian’ and it kind of stuck. I am the one in this group that is out of my mind. I wear a kilt and I wear a drinking helmet.  I am definitely the edginess and the craziness of the group.  

 SD: What’s the best joke you ever told?

MM: We get approached a lot and its quick and to the point. People say tell me a joke, so I say “What’s a sunburn? It’s God’s ways of telling the Irish to get back in the Pub.” For some reason the guys in the group hate that joke. I really don’t understand why. 

SD: Have your Boston roots shaped the kind of comedian you are?

MM: There is no place that I rather be from. Without a doubt, Boston is the best place for comedy. Its almost like debating whether Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. The talent that this town produces is amazing. I lived down in Florida for about 12 years and the comedy down there is like being a huge fish in a small pond whereas here if you’re not funny you’re not working in Boston. Some of the best comedians have come out of Boston:   Steven Wright, Joe Rogan, Nick Di Paolo, Steve Sweeny, and Lenny Clarke. Being from Boston has made me a much better comedic.  

SD: Favorite thing about being a comedian?

MM: Not having a real job. I can’t image it.  I watch my poor wife get up every morning and go off to work. I have been doing this for 30 years and its still exciting.  I get to travel to places that I would have never been to if it wasn’t for this. I feel bad when I watch people slog through their day and talk about how much they hate their job and their boss, and I get to do what I love for a living. I tell everyone to find their passion and do it!


For more information about Mike visit, www.mikemccarthycomedy.com To purchase tickets to see Mike perform at the City Winery on March 3rd visit, www.citywinery.com

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