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Film review by Steve Duffy – 

A sweet, naïve young woman trying to make it on her own in New York City, Frances (Chloë Grace Moretz) doesn’t think twice about returning the handbag she finds on the subway to its rightful owner. That owner is Greta (Isabelle Huppert), an eccentric French piano teacher with a love for classical music and an aching loneliness. Having recently lost her mother, Frances quickly grows closer to widowed Greta. The two become fast friends – but Greta’s maternal charms begin to dissolve and grow increasingly disturbing as Frances discovers that nothing in Greta’s life is what it seems.  

The storyline is campy and somewhat silly. The only reason to see this film is for the performances by Moretz and Huppert.

Both actresses take center stage and own their roles. They both are giving more than their characters deserves. Huppert especially steals the spotlight every time she is on screen. She doesn’t often make films in English, so “Greta” will be a treat for her fans.

As Frances’ wealthy college friend, Erica, Maika Monroe Buckley, stands her ground with Moretz and Huppert and delivers some of the film’s best moments.

Director Neil Jordan tries his best to give us a serious thriller but falls short. Sadly, the film never finds its way.  Even for a B-thriller, I was hooked from beginning to end and I believe you will be too.

Rating:  R for some violence and disturbing images

Runtime: 98 minutes

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