5 Questions: Marc Summers

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For more information about Marc Summers, visit www.marcsummerstv.com. To purchase tickets to see Double Dare Live at the Lynn Auditorium on March 30th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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5 Questions: Marc Summers

Summers enjoyed a near decade association with Nickelodeon, including an ongoing role as programming consultant, producer, and director. Hosting “Double Dare” and “What Would You Do?” allowed Summers to do what he does best.

His enthusiasm and ability to make people feel comfortable enough to do anything made both shows instant hits and put the network on the map. At the height of both programs’ popularity, Summers took the show on the road and appeared before sold out crowds in over 100 cities nationwide.

SD: What is your favorite part about taking “Double Dare” on tour?

MS: We are now into our second generation of moms and dads who grew up watching the show and now have kids the same age they were when they first enjoyed the show. I often find that the adults have more fun than the kids who just discovered it. For the parents, it’s like reliving their childhood, which is awesome to see. In some ways, it has become a nostalgia show and I love it.

SD: Will there be challenges and lots of audience participation?

MS: There sure is. I do a lot of kids versus adults. So, I will bring up 2 kids to do a physical challenge and then ask for some adults to come up and try it too. We take about 40 people up on stage in the first half of the show. When we come back from intermission, we play musical pies with another 8-10 audience members. Then we audition, on stage, four families to play the actual game. 

SD: Will you be bringing along the slime?

MS: You better believe it! Lots of slime, lots of whipped cream, and as much mess as we could fit into the truck.   

SD: Did you think that the series reboot was going to be so successful?

MS: You can never tell anymore. Reboots were certainly hot when we came out a year or so ago, but the attention span of what people like is not very big. There are now so many options now for entertainment it was really like flipping a coin, because you really have no idea. Can you really get someone’s undivided attention? For the grownups, they were rediscovering something that they knew, and they are bringing their kids along for the ride.

SD: What can fans coming out to see “Double Dare Live” expect?

MS: A lot of laughing, a lot of fun, and a lot of entertainment for the entire family. There are a lot of preschool shows and then there is a lot of grownups show, but not really a show for the whole family to enjoy together. Even if you don’t get on stage, I guarantee a great time for all.   


For more information about Marc, visit www.marcsummerstv.com. To purchase tickets to see Double Dare Live at the Lynn Auditorium on March 30th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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