EforAll Lynn Graduates Local EntreEforAll Lynn Graduates Entrepreneurs

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EforAll Lynn Graduates 8 more local entrepreneurs from its Business Accelerator Program.

From EforAll –

On Tuesday March 19, EforAll (Entrepreneurship for All) graduated eight entrepreneurs from it Winter 2019 Business Accelerator, and awarded seed capital to three ventures. The 8 participating entrepreneurs, seven of whom are woman, came into the program with basic notions of products or services they wanted to offer, and graduated after developing full business models, talking to real customers and developing a 9-month work plan to take their businesses to the next level. EforAll will continue to support graduates with office hours, quarterly meetings and more seed capital.

The following entrepreneurs graduated EforAll Lynn’s Business Accelerator:

  • Mateo Velez, Orvel
  • Charlene Peña, Woven Royal
  • Fior Espinal, Wiggle Walks
  • Michelle Montolio, Freely Glo
  • Elizabeth Souffrant, Best Home Care Salon
  • Kat Lawlor, City of Roses Apparel
  • Nivia De Oliveira, Better Life Home Cleaning
  • Jesenia Morales, Romeo’s Smoothies & Juice Bar

Seed capital was awarded to Jesenia Morales of Romeo’s Smoothies & Juice Bar ($1,000) and Nivia de Oliveira of Better Life Home Cleaning ($1,750). The grand winner of the night was Charlene Peña of Woven Royal, a company that produces hats for curly and voluminous hair, with an award of $2,500. The ceremony also featured a keynote address by Aasma Sahotra.

Entrepreneurs featured with Keynote Speaker, Aasma Sahotra
From left to right: Michelle Montolio, Kat Lawlor, Nivia de Oliveira, Aasma Sahotra, Fior Espinal, (front) Elizabeth Souffrant, (back) Mateo Valez, Charlene Peña, Jesenia Morales.

EforAll Lynn is a non-profit specializing in helping budding entrepreneurs launch new ventures. Their programs are free to the public and they include workshops, pitch contests for cash prizes, and an intensive 3-month Accelerator that includes mentorship and weekly classes.


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