5 Questions: Jon Anderson of Yes

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To purchase tickets to Jon Anderson of Yes perform at the Lynn Auditorium on March 29th, visit www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions: Jon Anderson

Photo: Dorothy Anderson

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Jon Anderson is an English singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist best known as the lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes, which he co-founded in 1968. He was a member of the band across three tenures between 1968 and 2008. Anderson is a current member of Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman.

Anderson released his first solo album, Olias of Sunhillow, while still a member of Yes in 1976, and subsequently released 13 more albums as a solo artist. He is currently on tour promoting his new solo album “1,000 Hands.”

SD: Tell us about your new solo album, “1,000 Hands?”

JA: I started recording it in 1990 up in Big Bear near Los Angeles. I wrote about a half dozen of songs with my friend Brian Chantman. Things didn’t work out with the team and we didn’t finish the album and the tapes just sat in my garage for the next 26 years. Then one of the original donors of the album came up with some more money and said, “I have more money, let’s finish that album.” 

SD: Since the recording tapes were packed away for so many years, did you have to change or update any of the songs?

JA: Everything stayed the same. Lyrics and music are timeless. I tend to sing about the same energy that I am thinking about since the beginning of “Yes.”  I am positive about life, the search for understanding of life, the joy of life and love, and what happens around us.  Those are the kind of themes that I have been singing about forever.  

SD: Favorite part about touring with a new album?

JA: Getting to work with a new band. We have a great diverse group of musicians. They are all truly great musicians and have really made this a great joy for me.

SD: If you were not a singer, what would you have become?

JA: Probably a piano player. It took me years and years to learn how to play and I can hardly play the stupid thing. I am a big fan of Chick Corea and the great piano composer, Rachmaninoff. I would have loved to be a composer of symphonic music.

SD: What can fans expect to see and hear at the show?

JA: It’s going to be a celebration of my life with music from “Yes.” Also going to be performing three songs from my first solo work, “Olias of Sunhillow.” I have never performed this album in concert. I will be performing my new songs. I am sort of an adventurer in music. I love the adventure of music. Even now I am thinking about the next 20 years of music that I am going to create.     


For more information on Jon’s new album, visit www.jonanderson1000hands.com.  To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Lynn Auditorium on March 29th, visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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