Letter: LPS Computer Virus Crisis

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This letter sent to LynnHappens is a response to an article in the Item

In regards to the article “Lynn Public Schools still Without Internet; MCAS Testing Postponed Two Days,” though the title and article remain factually accurate, a few key details have not been touched upon.

While high schools have been told they may take the MCAS two days later via paper, unfortunately as of this writing (3/27/2019), the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education still expects middle and elementary schools to conduct testing on computers, regardless of the current technological crisis. Such conditions have caused teachers to drastically improvise their practice after relying on technology for the originally expected, computers based test. Additionally, many teachers and administrators have devoted hours and days of their personal time, including weekends, to assist in this crisis.

Furthermore, while the article does mention that the district’s IT department “was making progress,” it should be noted that the department is not necessarily at fault, nor should they be scapegoated. Rather, the question should be asked, “How can a virus single-handedly decimate the 5th largest district in the state?”

Perhaps DESE is willing to donate some resources to answer such a devastating question.

Connor Ilyich

Concerned Citizen

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RT @LynnHappens: Letter: LPS Computer Virus Crisis https://t.co/AfYudOaw10 via @mediaseth

Letter: LPS Computer Virus Crisis https://t.co/AfYudOaw10 via @mediaseth