5 Questions: Kristina Kuzmic

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To purchase tickets to see Kristina Kuzmic May 17th at the Lynn Auditorium visit, www.lynnauditorium.com

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Kuzmic in Donut Slippers

Kristina Kuzmic is a cheerleader for her fellow humans. It’s not something she ever anticipated doing, but after immigrating to America from Croatia during the war in her homeland and later facing more challenges (divorce, single parenting, poverty, depression…), Kristina wanted to be for others what she wished someone had been for her during her darkest hours.

Now, with over 900 million video views, Kristina is providing her audience with encouragement, hope and humor in a role she never expected to fill.

SD: Why do parents still need parenting advice?

KK: I would say they don’t need parenting advice, and I don’t see myself as someone who gives advice. I feel like they need parenting support, myself included. This is one area in all our lives that we so badly want to get perfect, because we love our children so much and we can’t get it perfect, because we don’t always know all the answers. I think all parents crave someone to say, “Your normal, you did mess up, but that is ok.” You don’t have to be a perfect parent.  

SD: What parenting advice/support have you received that has stuck with you?

KK: My mother-in-law has been really helpful to me. She reminds me that I am doing great and that if I don’t get everything done on my to-do list that it is ok, you’re not superhuman, you’re just human.  She hates the word “guilt.” I think that every parent has felt the “parental guilt” and she always puts it in perspective for me and helps me focus on all the things that I can accomplish.

SD: How did YouTube become the platform for your “mom-centric” videos?

KK: One night I am breastfeeding my little guy and I know that I am not going to have another kid and I am weaning him off and I know this is one of the last times that I am going to breastfeed him and I am looking down at my stomach and it is covered in stretch marks and I am feeling disgusted. Then it just hit me that I am missing out on this beautiful moment that I will never have again because of these stupid insecurities. The very next day, I turned on the camera, not planning to turn this into a career, more for fun and my friends will see it. That was my first parenting video called “Four reasons why stretch marks are sexy.”

SD: How do you children feel about you sharing stories of them and your family with the world?

KK: My husband is the most supported guy ever. He has been amazing throughout this. When I first started making the videos, I was doing everything on my own. I would spend the day doing the “mom thing” and then stay up until 3am editing the videos. My kids are great too! My little one has no say because he is four. My older two, anytime that I post something about them I ask their permission. I will not post a picture or a video on social media, because they are teenagers and I think they deserve that respect.    

SD: You have a new book coming out this fall, “Hold on but don’t hold still.” What can you tell us about it?

KK: It is coming out early 2020. The book is a lot of heavy stories about being a single mom and almost being homeless. I also talk about hating myself and being depressed. I am not perfect, but I am now confident in my life and my parenting. There are a lot of funny and raw stories that I share in hopes to help other parents. As parents, we need to support each other and help grow the next generation of great adults.  


For more information on Kristina visit, www.kristinakuzmic.com and to purchase tickets to see her May 17th show at the Lynn Auditorium visit, www.lynnauditorium.com

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