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Film review by Steve Duffy –


A street rat frees a genie from a lamp, granting all of his wishes and transforming himself into a charming prince in order to marry a beautiful princess. But soon, an evil sorcerer becomes hell-bent on securing the lamp for his own sinister purposes.

I know it is not fair to compare the animated genie to the live action one, but it is a hard task not to do. I do like that the CGI’d Will Smith does make the role of the genie his own, however, his performance does lack the magic and excitement of the late Robin Williams animated version.

Mena Massoud portrayal of Aladdin is a bit bland, but still delivers enough street-smart charm to keep you interested in his Agrabah adventures.

Naomi Scott is casted perfectly as the strong-willed Princess Jasmine. She is definitely the real-life counterpart to her animated character.   

Disappointing was the lack of chemistry between Aladdin and Jasmine. They acted as they were being forced together.

The film is complete with the all the songs from the original Disney animated film, including a great new girl empowerment song, “Speechless.”

The locations used for filming are extraordinary and the visual details are stunning. The film is definitely eye-catching from beginning to end.

 I really wanted to gush over this new Aladdin, but even with its glittery over-the-top digital magic it just does not compare to the original.

Rating: PG for some action/peril

Runtime: 128 minutes

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