Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

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Film review by Steve Duffy –

The dumbest and most fun movie you will see all summer!

Ever since hulking lawman Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), a loyal agent of America’s Diplomatic Security Service, and lawless outcast Shaw (Jason Statham), a former British military elite operative, first faced off in 2015’s Furious 7, the duo have swapped smack talk and body blows as they’ve tried to take each other down. But when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever–and bests a brilliant and fearless rogue MI6 agent (The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby), who just happens to be Shaw’s sister–these two sworn enemies will have to partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves.

As you would expect the plot is pretty simple, you won’t have to do much thinking while watching action-packed movie.   

The banter between the two action stars gives the story the most laughs. Both Johnson and Statham play perfectly off each other. They both get equal screen time and make a great team.

Vanessa Kirby of “The Crown” is the reason to see “Hobbs & Shaw.”  She holds her own against Johnson and Statham and delivers some of the movies great action scenes.

Unfortunately, Idris Elba is underused as the villain. It’s a shame, because his character could have been so much better than it was.    

Make sure you are paying attention, because the film has several cameos. I wont spoil it for you with names, but make sure you pay attention the film has several cameos.

There are lots of fights, car chases, and explosions to make this the perfect summer movie.

Rating: PG-13 for prolonged sequences of action and violence, suggestive material and some strong language.

Runtime: 136 minutes

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